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Thursday, 23 November 2017

learning times tables by rote

this chart was introduced to me by Roy Lindsell

these are all the products that need to be learnt, starting off by learning the product that gives the particular result

a class chanting activity, someone taps on a number (maybe the teacher) and students call out the products
done a section at a time (initially)

it needs an enlarged version stuck to the wall

done a bit at a time
getting confidence with a line then going on to another one

powerpoints need to be downloaded for the animations to work:
once the results are all there someone can tap on them and a group of students/the class call out the multiplier e.g. if it's the 5 times table and 35 is tapped on, the multiplier (to be called out) is 7

2 times table
3 times table
4 times table
5 times table
6 times table
7 times table
8 times table
9 times table

the Number Gym table trainer app is a very helpful resource (£1.99 for an ipad)
note that you have to drag the sum to the result (not tap on the result)

times tables problems

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