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Saturday, 1 July 2017

hole punching

the US and Canada dental admission test (DAT) has six categories of questions within the perceptual ability test (PAT)

a powerpoint with 10 questions (needs to be downloaded) explores 'hole punching' questions
with a view to students considering, eventually, how they might advise people taking the test

the six categories:
  • angle ranking (put shown angles in order of size)
  • keyholes/apertures (3D visualisation: which 'solid' will fit through all of the shown 'keyholes')
  • painted faces on cube constructions - when all the outside faces are painted
  • view recognition (decide which of the 'solids' fit the given plan and elevations)
  • nets (which is the net of the solid)
  • hole punching
the hole punching tasks involve paper folding and reflection symmetry:

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