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Tuesday 25 March 2014

fractions as a percentage

a ppt is here

some justification for the existence of percentages
when you have different denominators it's handy to have a common measure
per cent
per one
per mille
per dozen

writing gradients of hills as a percent, as they do on some road signs

the Wrekin is a landmark hill in Shropshire

this task is from Dan Walker - many thanks to him
it can take students a while to find all the options:

giving students a start on question 3

Dan Walker's resource (different ways)
question 1
there is an obvious percentage to look at (with three options)
question 2
there is a 'common' percentage to look at

for the other sheet (question 3)
I think the answers are:
(1) 78.05%
(2) 82.69%
(3) 83.87%
(4) 80.64%

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