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Monday, 1 April 2013

Cuisenaire rod introduction

invented by a Belgian primary school teacher, Georges Cuisenaire  (1891 - 1976)

their use was promoted by Caleb Gattegno

the Cuisenaire company was set up in 1954 to market these particular bricks and has Caleb Gattegno's booklets available

the particular colour scheme was chosen by Georges Cuisenaire to indicate relationships

this is a reasonably conventional coding system (in English anyway)

students quickly become used to the letters

there are various interactive versions available; the interactive whiteboard companies have versions

the NRich Cuisenaire Environment has no adverts and goes full screen

it takes time to get the rods out and put them away but it is worth the effort
one box usually suffices for 4 students

it can get noisy....
I prefer students not to build upwards

thanks to Keith Hedger and David Kent (of the Sigma project, 1988)

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