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Sunday, 23 January 2011

tree diagram tasks

I think I might prefer tree diagrams this way up
although it's harder to write the probability fractions in the gaps sideways:

what are the chances of getting exactly 2 heads when three coins are flipped?
why is the same as the chances of getting 1 head?

what is the probability of a 'sandwich' (HTH or THT)?

when three fair dice are thrown what are the chances of getting exactly two of any number (a pair)?

this is one of Doug William's ideas:

in a bucket there are 2 red and 4 blue pens
a pen is picked out and not replaced
then another pen is picked

Gem wins if the two pens are both the same colour
Liam wins if there is one of each colour

is this a fair game?

here are some tree diagram blanks, round the 'right' way!

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