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Thursday, 16 April 2009

8 special quadrilaterals

  • square
  • rhombus
  • rectangle
  • kite
  • trapezium (trapezoid)
  • arrowhead
  • isosceles trapezium
  • parallelogram

play 'guess my shape':

"I am thinking of one of these eight shapes
you can ask questions to find out which one it is but I can only answer yes or no to a question."

"What questions do you want to ask?"

"Now you have to try to find out my shape quickly - what questions do you want to ask?

"You can actually identify the shape in at most three questions.
What question do you ask first?"

one step difference:

can you put these into a line so that there is just one difference in shape properties between them?
e.g a rhombus or a rectangle could be placed next to a square

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