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Saturday, 11 February 2017

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median practice makes perfect blog
[not to be confused with median practice and quiz questions]

I've tried to collect together some questions for arithmetical (and other) practice to include some longer questions and some questions that can involve exploration

these could be presented as two sides of a sheet
e.g. as a resource for subtraction:

I've tried to choose questions that might have some interest:
why do questions 1) and 2) have the same solution?
what has happened to the digits?
questions 3) and 4) are for those particular students who tend to like taking smaller numbers from larger ones
questions 5) and 6) reverse the digits - what other examples can be found for subtracting 396, and more generally?

questions 7) and 8) involve all the digits 1 to 8
questions 9) and 10) involve the digits 1 to 9 and questions 11) and 12) involve 0 to 9
are there other examples of these?

in question 14) there is a common feature to the solutions, why is this?

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